Our vision

Hello, we’re MTCnovo, an organisation of third, public and private sector partners. Our aim is simple - to reduce reoffending in the UK by harnessing the skills of probation staff and delivering modern methods of rehabilitation which are rooted in the traditional values of the UK probation service.

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Breaking the cycle of reoffending

We will support and supervise offenders and provide them with a range of proven, tailored interventions that give them the opportunity to improve their lives and be successfully reintegrated back into society.

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Our culture and people

The skills and expertise of MTCnovo's employees will be fundamental in reducing reoffending.  Our core values - to care, respect and to learn - will always underpin the approach we take to our employees, just as they define our approach to rehabilitating offenders.

Our Approach

Developing positive partnerships

MTCnovo is founded on the principles of partnership and we draw on decades of experience in public, community and justice services. Our team of delivery partners share our vision and values and will work with us to create safe and successful solutions for offenders.

Our Partners

Creating safer communities

We will work hand in hand with the communities within each Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC), developing and building capacity to ensure we can support vulnerable people and reintegrate them into society. We will work to reduce reoffending and protect the public by enabling safer communities.